Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

Yes, that is a trailer with chairs.  Redneck Limousine!


This 4th of July is one that I will never forget.

ALL of the family showing up to celebrate Grandpa Fred's 85th Birthday.  Man, the food was good!

Taking our normal caravan golf cart ride but with a special redneck twist this year (this will be a new tradition!).

Seeing a fish hook go straight through someones thumb with no way of getting out (always a hospital trip on the 4th of July).

Getting my FIRST tan line of the summer.

After 5 years, Leo has finally snapped at somebody.  Unfortunately, it was a family member.

Laughing so much, I could of peed my pants.

Seeing my sexy husband play music.

A new generation setting off the fireworks (good job baby!).

For once in my life after 4 days of being gone, I was NOT ready to go home.

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