Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kauai Part 1

Kauai by far was our favorite island.  We had serious conversations, after a couple of drinks, late at night, sitting on the beach, about moving here.  I honestly think everybody has this conversation in Kauai.  Little did we know that there was already something happening that would prevent us from ever thinking about moving to Kauai again. :)

The people were wonderful and way better than on Maui.  Food not as good as Maui but still wonderful.  I have dreams about that shrimp po' boy sandwich from Trees.  Yum!

We will go back to Kauai one of these days and will definitely stay closer to the North Shore.  The beautiful beach pictures above are from Hanalei Bay, our favorite spot in all Hawaii.  The pictures do not do the waves justice.  They were killer with a huge current.  Biggest waves I have ever seen and we would told by the locals that in the winter time the best surfers from all over the world come to Hanalei Bay.  That is definitely something I would love to witness!