Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Decision Making

DIY Polka Dot Shirt, Jeans:  NY&C, Necklace:  JCPenney
The necklace above was a hard decision.  I probably stood at the jewelry stand at JCPenney for 10 minutes before I decided on buying that necklace.  Money wasn't the issue as it was pretty cheap but the fact of 'do I really need it?'. I have been asking myself that question a lot lately.  

Grocery stores are the worst.  I look and look and look and look at the chocolate cakes and donuts and all things yummy but always end up walking away.  They even make it in my cart, go around the store with me for awhile but end up back on the shelf.  

There are so many 'wants' in my life but what do I really 'need'?

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