Thursday, June 7, 2012

I am at a blank

Shirt:  JCPenney - FREE, Jeans:  Thrifted - $4.00, Boots:  JCPenney

I am at a blank for words this morning.  Food hasn't been ate and mountain dew hasn't been drunk so my brain is not functioning well.  I will write to you what I am looking at right 'The Office' calendar is what I read first every morning.  Enjoy.

Michael:  All this arguing reminds me of a very funny story.  You see this on my desk?  You know who gave me this?  My girlfriend, Tara, who lives in New York City.

Dwight:  Wait, what girlfriend?

Michael:  I haven't told you about her.

Dwight:  I find that unlikely.  You e-mail me when you get a new zit.

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