Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Our Garden

We started our first ever garden at the end of April not really knowing what to expect.  I would say that both of us were not blessed with a green thumb so it was going to be interesting. 

After talking to A LOT of experienced gardeners about 'how to plant' and 'what to plant'.  We decided to keep it simple with tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, 5 types of peppers (we love peppers!) and for the herbs, some dill and cilantro.  We also planted broccoli and strawberries a couple of weeks later.  We've been told that we won't see any strawberries for a year (not sure if that's true).

First pic after planting.....

A couple of weeks later.....

And now....drum roll please.....

Bam!  Seriously, amazing for two people who have never grown a thing in their life.  It is so gratifying to pick your own food and eat it.  The tomatoes are doing great also but they won't be ready until July.

Danny did do more work than me on this garden so he may have a different opinion but I thought it was so easy and worth the time and money.  I would say that we spent less than $100, but we borrowed a tiller (a must!) and had a friend collect all his chicken poop for our fertilizer and we had such a wet spring that we only watered the plants once.

Alright, well I'm off to eat some cucumber slices with salt & pepper.  Yum!

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