Thursday, February 14, 2013


My sister was at the hospital last night with my Grandpa who is 95 years old and got a bad case of the stomach flu.  So, last night I babysat my nephew Mason and we had a great time....

Playing bouncy ball ALL night

Cracking up at Uncle Danny making Leo do tricks

Making Aunt Jodi get the bouncy ball from all the hard places

Danny and I trying to figure out what you do with a 2 year old!

My first time taking him to go "pee in the potty"

Him going poop right after I took him potty (that face above is the same face I made then)

Finding out Mason is a HUGE bed hog

The cutest thing of the night was when we were driving to my house and he was telling me how Grandpa Skeeter was sick.  We decided to say a prayer.

I started the prayer and he repeated every word I said and he ended it with 'Thank you Jesus'.  It just made my heart swell.

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