Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas

This story is not to get a 'pat on the back' or a 'job well done', this is a story to inspire you to do a good deed this holiday season.

This Monday at Goodwill, I was approached by a young woman asking for help.  She said she was homeless, jobless and has been wearing the same clothes for days.  She didn't want cash but all she requested is that I buy her a set of clothes.  I happily obliged and told her to go pick out a couple of things.

Let me just say that I am that person to doubt people.  I do not trust strangers.  But when that woman was talking to me, it was obvious she was desperate.  She picked out two pairs of pants and two shirts for a total of $9.00.  I spend more than that in gas just to get to/from work.  $9.00 is nothing to me, but for her it was something.

God always has a plan.  His plan was not only to help someone in need but it was to open my eyes to see how lucky I am.  These past two years have been a hard time in my life and I have definitely given myself a pity party.  Meeting her made me realize my problems are nothing compared to what she has to deal with.

I hope that sometime in the future, everybody gets to experience what I was able too.  Cause I can guarantee you that it will change your life.

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