Friday, June 15, 2012

Ann Taylor, Young or Old?

Shirt:  Thrifted - $1.50, Jeans:  Thrifted - $2.99, Boots:  Thrifted - $3.00

This isn't exactly my style of shirt but it was $1.50 and I liked the flowey detail in the front.  The sealer for me was it was Ann Taylor.  I knew it would be good quality and last quite awhile.  A comparable style shirt on their website is pricing out at $59.99.  Wow, that's a big savings!  Anyway, as I was browsing, I noticed how much I loved all of their shirts.  Ann Taylor in my mind was supposed to be for my Mom, not me.  They are either gearing more toward the younger generation or I like Mom clothes.  Either way, I'm good with it.

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